John Glasgow, Owner & Creative Director, Vault 49, US

John’s roots as a printmaker and street artist have never left him. He co-founded Vault49 in 2002 and inspires the effective integration of strategy and creative image-making. He promotes a crafted process and leads the team in developing bold, artistic solutions that delight audiences and disrupt everyday experiences. John is committed to encouraging cultural diversity within the design industry. He spearheads a Vault49 initiative giving students from low-income backgrounds the opportunity to work on projects and broaden their networks. – LinkedIn

Rebecca McCowan, Design Lead, Coca-Cola, Austria

Rebecca has 15+ years of experience in the design industry and currently leads the branding and visual identity design for Coca-Cola Europe. She is intrigued by smart, simple design solutions and always seeks to get an emotional response through a piece of design. She believes that design is at the core of all good businesses, marketing campaigns, and well… everything. When not obsessing over beautiful typography, she is generally exploring her adopted city of Vienna. – LinkedIn



Jessica Felby, Brand Design Brain, Denmark

Jessica has over 30 years of experience in the packaging and branding industry, including studying Packaging Design & Promotion for her undergraduate degree. She started her career on the supplier side in the printing industry, moved to the packaging design agency side, and then jumped to the client side at companies such as Coca-Cola, culminating in leading design globally for the Carlsberg Group. For the last couple of years, she has been sharing her accumulated knowledge as a consultant, ‘borrowed design brain’. However, in 2022, she has returned to her first love of printing to launch her own company and store, JollyFishFace, where she prints fish and features them on craftsman-made sustainable homewares and clothes! – LinkedIn


Laurent Cochini, Managing Director, Sixième Son, France

Originally a guitarist and musician, and after graduating from EHESS with a degree in Musicology Studies, Laurent spent several years on tour with different bands around the world. Upon his return to France, he looked for opportunities to integrate his musical talent with his corporate mindset. He joined Sixième Son in 2008 as a Project Manager, and his dedication to sonic branding led him to become the Sixième Son Managing Director in 2016. Additionally, as a major sports fan, particularly of football, he focused on developing the agency’s expertise in that category. Sixième Son now has the most profound experience working with sports brands and powering their emotional connection with fans through sound, music and voice. – LinkedIn 

Tatiana Ryfer, Head of Branding & Visual Identity, Carrefour, France

Tatiana Ryfer is Head of the Branding & Visual Identity design department at Carrefour. From Rio de Janeiro to New York and landing in Paris in 2006, Tatiana has a design career marked by an international path. Tatiana contributed to building the design culture inside Carrefour. By managing all the brand’s visual aspects, she helped create consistency across all customer touchpoints. With prior experience in the Decathlon Group as Branding & Packaging Manager, Tatiana had the opportunity to create and develop some of the group’s own brands. Her previous experience included time in Brazil and New York. She  opened her own design studio in Brazil, specializing in branding, signage, and packaging and she also became a referenced packaging teacher in one of the most renowned design schools in the country.  In New York,  she spent three years doing a Branding & Packaging Masters at the Pratt Institute while also working for design agencies. – LinkedIn 

Mandi Alaterä, Senior VP Marketing & Communications, Stora Enso, Finland

Mandi Alaterä has been working in the packaging industry for more than 10 years in different roles but always connected to sustainability. She currently heads Communications and Marketing at Stora Enso Packaging Materials. Stora Enso is a renewable materials company, advancing packaging circularity with its renewable and recyclable packaging materials. – LinkedIn 

Paola Demartini, Account Executive for Brands, esko, Italy

Paola has 10+ years of experience in enterprise sales. In her work to solve complex business and process challenges to maximise efficiency, she uses best-practice processes with cutting edge technology. During the last 8 years, she worked with Brands in EMEA helping them digitize and optimize their packaging/artwork innovation process. – LinkedIn

Carsten Bußhoff, Creative Director & Head of Strategy, pacproject, Germany

Carsten’s background is typically non-packaging. He studied medicine and information technology prior to a degree in visual communication. By coincidence, he got into packaging design and spent several years in international design before joining pacproject in 2015. At pacproject, Carsten’s work is resonating at the sweet spot of effective strategies, thrilling design and packaging that works. – LinkedIn

Stefan Casey, Innovation Lead, Nestlé Product Technology Centre, UK

Stefan is a creative, an innovator, an intrapreneur and a curator of ideas who is passionate, in creating sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow. A digital design evangelist who has pioneered many unique, agile, and disruptive strategies with iconic brands and retailers across the ‘Global Fortune 500.’ A champion of sustainability, inclusivity, digital and innovation. Leading teams to truly embrace these values to win the hearts and minds of citizens in a career spanning more than 20 years. A change agent who’s worked across many industries now inspires people worldwide, especially future generations to think differently in product and packaging in today’s world. LinkedIn

Dario Buzzini, Partner, BBDB Studio, Italy

Dario Buzzini is a designer, creative director and educator. After spending fifteen years at design consulting firm IDEO working with Fortune 500 clients, in 2016 he founded BBDB Studio with his partner Barbara Busatta. BBDB Studio team spends 50% of the time on paid client work (culture and commerce). The other 50% is dedicated to internal projects, conceived to develop new visual languages and strengthen the local creative community. While not completely sure this model is sustainable, Dario and Barbara continue to experiment and fail their career forward. – LinkedIn 

Aida Soubra, Design Operations Manager EU, Colgate-Palmolive, Switzerland

Aida has over 16 years of experience in branding, packaging, publishing and advertising, as well as digital and operational experience. She is an expert in developing and leading programs to optimize design processes and deliver efficient scalable solutions. She has managed diverse brands such as Mars, Siemens, Lipton, FedEx, Landrover, KLM, Citibank & many others. – LinkedIn 

Mathieu Reverte, Partner, Team Créatif, Brazil

Mathieu is a Partner at Team Créatif Group and Vice President of Business, Strategy & Innovation at Team Créatif Brazil. Born and raised in a little city in the south of France, he graduated from university in the UK with a degree in Marketing and Communication and has been working for more than 25 years in branding and design. Passionate about creativity and the world of arts in general, a tireless traveller and curious by nature, Mathieu moved to Brazil more than a decade ago with his wife and two kids to join Team Créatif Brazil. «I love to observe, to listen and to read to understand human aspirations and dreams. All of these questions shape our behaviours and lifestyles.» – LinkedIn

Sabine Keinborg , CEO, SHORTLINKS, France

Sabine started her professional career when she was eight years old, designing on a piece of cardboard, her first Lemonade concept. “The freshest thing in town” turned into a hit on the block, and years later led her to advertising and marketing services agencies in Paris (BBDO, BSB) – working mainly for yummy food brands. She then co-founded two independent creative strategy agencies (Conquista, Expertease), before joining Shortlinks/ Team Créatif Group in 2015 where she continues to develop design and narrative platforms for the 360° touch points.

Still a free-spirited child of the hippie 70’s American culture, she cultivates freedom in creation, open-mindedness in relations, beauty and truth in communication. “(Re)Humanize” brands is her motto, sustainability is her dream – for agencies and brands – who dare, who care, and who do it fair. A vision which infuses her current role as head of CSR, gaining B-corp certification for Team Créatif Group France in 2021. – LinkedIn