As a pioneer and trendsetter of the graphic industry, KURZ carries on a brave mission: They want to make every product unique. Let’s dive into the KURZ Design Universe:

You are looking for amazing design ideas? High-class inspiration samples and mood boards? Welcome at KURZ – Their design team aims to be continuously up to date. They investigate new trends coming from a wide range of innovative and future thinking areas in design, technology, fashion, and art. They collect and analyze this new information and use it as a source of inspiration for trendsetting designs. Find some inspiration here!

And … understand HOW these trends can be implemented into packaging design. Kurz has planned for us a hands-on workshop at their facilities, where we will have a chance to talk directly to the specialists, who will teach us how to best use the opportunities these techniques provide to create outstanding packaging design.
Elke, Julia and their team are looking forward to welcoming you.


PS: KURZ is not only active in the graphics industry. Look here!