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At epda we love to SHARE expertise and experience. We DARE to say out loud what we think and to also address the challenges we face in our business. And we love to make brands SHINE by good design!


During the upcoming anniversary conference we will look at the design business from different angles: What’s needed for a good client – agency relationship? Branding: Which other disciplines come into play? Brand centricity vs Customer Centricity. How to be authentically disruptive? How to live diversity?


Speakers from around the world will gather in Bologna: Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, US.

Let's live the epda idea together and celebrate the 30th anniversary with inspiring conversations, good drinks and music!


EikeEike König

"Eike wouldn't merit his kingly surname if he did not touch upon the anti-aesthetic tabernacle with quite so much virtuosity or have invented his very own visual chaos theory."


Do you know this world-renowned graphic designer, founder & creative director of the Berlin-based creative collective HORT? Eike's artistic work is celebrated for its conceptual, emotional, visual - sometimes playful, but always conscious - approach.  Read the interview with him here and join us in Bologna to get to know him in person.



"Beautiful things can happen when creatives and techies get closer together" says Jan de Roeck, Marketing Director at Esko. "Designing packaging that is both functional and seduces the consumer is an art form. The big difference in packaging, however, is that we need a technie to convert the design into something that is reproduceable in large amounts." Paola Demartini, Esko Italy, is Account Executive for Brands, and she will join our panel to contribute with HER view about how we can foster collaboration in the value chain for better outputs.

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