epda stands for community. In a nest of kindness and cooperation we get together for mutual inspiration and growth. After a long pause, we were very much looking forward to welcoming you again: To learn about key business topics such as New Work, Design Selling and Sustainable Designing, to thrive through exchange with peers, and to socialise in a convivial atmosphere. We appreciated a lot seeing 9 different countries and more than 20 agencies get together. A highly inspirational, intense and honest exchange of thoughts and ideas. Plus, the beautiful weather and marvellous city of Nice made us escape from daily routine and allowed to enjoy some time of relaxation over the weekend!


Christina RĂ¼ter, Integrity Design

An entrepreneur and brand strategist with an enormous passion for design, Christina has dived deep into the topic of NEW WORK. She inspired us with her learnings and beliefs to open the discussion. Learn more about Integrity Design here.

Event Partner


20, 17, 20 years old were the founders of the social media agency 201720 when they founded their business. A very young dynamic team of social media experts, who revealed how they think design agencies can use the power of social media to talk about the great stuff they do. Learn more here.

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