Together, we explored how to prepare best for the future: How to develop our teams to become more diverse in age, nationalities, and professions. How to develop the right skills to use technological achievements as AI and the metaverse in a meaningful way. And how to become more socio-ecological in everything we do.


It has been a great event - We hope you found inspiration to sail your ships in the right direction in this huge ocean of new opportunities!


Our next event will be held in Valencia on 28-29 September. As promised, we will offer a workshop on AI, planned for 28 Sept, 2pm to 5pm, to follow up on the introductory talk. Make sure to arrive in time not to miss it. See you there!




Kathryn Wilson, Diageo

A big thank you to Kathryn Wilson, Design Lead Guinness & Baileys, Diageo, who - together with Leigh Chandler from Vault 49 - gave us the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the Guinness brand design world after we discovered the Guinness Storehouse and enjoyed a splendid view from the roof top bar.

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