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Innovation has been a buzz word for quite a while. Everyone talks about it, a study by McKinsey shows that 84% of executives consider innovation as extremely important while only 6% are happy with its performance. Thus, business consultancies try to measure the “innovation factor”, draw charts and draft rules for successful innovation more and more often, the word “design” appears next to “innovation”. As innovation is on top of the agenda for most of our clients, they come to design agencies for brand and product innovations increasingly often.


So, what to do to have the right answers to clients who come to us with their problem? How to make sure that as Innovation is Creativity plus Delivery - we are great at both? These are simple but certainly not easy questions. We invited experts from various fields who inspired us and helped us look at the issue from different angles. Join us!

Event Partner

Joachim Haag, isi

What is new in market research?

Come and listen to Joachim Haag, Managing Director, who will explain how isi can help designers develop fascinating product experiences for all senses: taste, smell, sight, feeling, hearing. Learn more HERE.


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